Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Modern Interior Design

Modern Blue Interior Design
The blue brings breath of wind and air. Its variations are a symbol of freshness and serenity. Shades of blue from the dark, passing through the turquoise sky and reach. They are suitable backdrop for furniture from mahogany and walnut. By sky optical space expands and is suitable for small rooms - a bedroom or nursery. It cools very emotional people. By navy caused an effect of depth, concentration of thought.

Modern Green Interior Design Ideas
The opportunities offered by green, are inexhaustible. It creates a freshness and vitality. The interiors are applied softened tones - pale green, reseda, oil and emerald. Greens have different characteristics depending on the blue or orange, which contain. With a dark green will create a cozy atmosphere and a soothing pale relaxing.
Orange Bathroom Interior
From white to orange and gets a lovely peach, suitable for creating a cozy, quiet home. The white ceiling gives a neutral sheet. This balance is crucial to look good orange color. Orange and white lights soften his tone enough. Deep blue to orange cool room. With the leadership of orange and using the other colors will be shakin each room.
Modern Purple Interior Design
Harmonious combination of cold colors are all shades of purple. This color is quite mysterious and outrageous and should not overdo it, because it leads to anxious and depressed thoughts.
Luxury Purple Dining Room Interior
Violet colors derived from red and blue, causing a feeling of seriousness and dignity. Expression are of solemnity, splendor and luxury. Consumed in small quantities, they are a spectacular contrast of green and yellow and gold colors in Luxury interior.
Modern Living room lightning interior design
Shine the light of a lamp placed properly, some furniture or ornaments can stand in the room and contribute to its desired form. When lampionat except a chair, not only color and shape stand out, but it itself affects more inviting. Using directional lighting is possible to emphasize one or other colors of a picture and thereby affect it differently. If you have valuable pieces of furniture, it's easy to emphasize with the light directed at her, which she will stand in contrast with the rest of the room darkened and impress incoming guest.